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Community Sport

Community Sport provides leadership and support for the sector to ensure more Kiwis, especially kids, participate in sport and active recreation.

Our work is participant-focused with emphasis on three key areas: school-aged children (view our Young People Plan), local delivery (particularly in low participation communities) and competitive sport.

What we do

Aligned with the Sport NZ Group strategic plan’s world leading sports system approach, we deliver our work through five strategic priorities:

  • Insights – capturing the ‘voice of the participant’, information and knowledge, and data and tools (for example our Insights Tool).
  • Spaces and places – developing knowledge, encouraging innovation, and aligning planning and development across the sector. Resources include our Sporting Facilities Framework and Community Sport Facilities Development Guide.
  • People –understanding workforce needs, developing critical roles, and professional development and connectivity.
  • Pathways – our Physical Literacy Approach and Talent Plan, and our partners’ incorporation of both in planning and delivery.
  • Partners and providers – focusing on collaboration and long-term relationships.

Geoff Barry, General Manager Community Sport

Partnerships and Communication

Partnerships and Communication works to develop a system of capable and connected people and organisations that can deliver world leading sporting outcomes. We work with partners to deliver participation outcomes for Community Sport and winning outcomes for High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ).

What we do

  • Increase connectively and alignment in the sport system – by fostering and creating strategic relationships
  • Ensure there is effective delivery of sport opportunities – by building the capability of sport-related organisations and their leaders.
  • Improve facilities utilisation and return on investment - by coordinating a network of appropriate spaces and places across all New Zealand.
  • Ensure the best possible financial, participation and social returns from events – by supporting events of all sizes across New Zealand.
  • Provide marketing and communications advice and support across Sport NZ and HPSNZ.

While we provide advice to targeted partners, our resources, such as those in Managing Sport, are available to the whole sport sector.

James Gibson, General Manager, Partnerships and Communication

Strategy and Policy

Strategy and Policy are the interface of the Sport NZ Group (and Chief Executives) with critical stakeholders – the Minister, government, the Board and other government agencies. We provide strategic context, insights and proposes recommended action, critical thinking, risk management and problem solving through policy, strategic thinking and planning, and cross-government engagement.

What we do

  • Strategy development
  • Policy development and ministerial support
  • Cross government relationship and synergy
  • Sport Tribunal support and resourcing.

Andrea Blackshaw, General Manager Strategy and Policy

Corporate Services

Corporate Services provides financial, IT, facilities and human resource advice and support across Sport NZ and HPSNZ.

Julie Morrison, General Manager Corporate Services