Our strategies

Our plans and strategies for managing and growing sport and recreation.

Sport NZ Group Strategic Plan 2015-2020

This Strategic Plan covers all areas of the Sport NZ Group’s work – young people, adults and elite athletes. The Sport NZ Group (the Group) – comprises Sport NZ and its wholly-owned subsidiary High Performance Sport NZ.

Community Sport Strategy 2015-2020

Our Community Sport Strategy aims to get more New Zealanders participating and volunteering in sport and active recreation.

Outdoor Recreation Strategy

Our Outdoor Recreation Strategy looks to increase the number of people who participate regularly in outdoor recreation activities.

New Zealand Coaching Strategy

The New Zealand Coaching Strategy provides the blueprint for coaching in New Zealand. It sets out our core principles and key objectives. At its heart is participant-centred coaching.

Sport and Recreation Pathway

The New Zealand Sport and Recreation Pathway is our model outlining the stages of active sport and recreation participants.

Pathway to Podium

Pathway to Podium is a nationwide talent development programme helping emerging athletes (usually in their late teens) and coaches be better prepared for the demands of a life in high performance sport.


High Performance Sport New Zealand Strategy 2013-2020

Sets vision, targets for the next two Olympic cycles, and outlines the long-term goal of creating one of the world’s leading high performance systems.